EZ Data

Expertise – IT Strategy & Roadmap


EzData provides insight and advice to our customers concerning opportunities and tradeoffs available for making appropriate and prudent investments in technology to meet their current demands and demand projections as a result of business growth.

Our services include:

  • IT Portfolio Management - We help clients balance the supply and demand of information technology (IT) resources, eliminate redundancy, and enable better alignment with strategic goals.
  • Data Sharing and IT Strategy Integration - We help clients integrate strategies for using, managing, and sharing data and information into IT management and governance processes.
  • IT Strategic Planning - We help clients formulate strategic agendas outlining how IT can be used to meet mission critical and stakeholder requirements. We help our client understand how they can leverage the power of IT and technology to stay ahead of the competition.
  • IT Roadmap Planning - We help clients formulate a robust IT roadmap that meets the existing business needs of the client as well as identify a roadmap that will help address their growth path and aim at future proofing their technology investments.
  • IT Strategy and Infrastructure - We help clients overcome the challenges of complexity, cost, and timeframe often associated with major infrastructure transformation projects including helping formulate their Cloud strategy.
  • IT Organization and Governance - We help clients develop and implement comprehensive approaches to IT governance and best practices that are tailored to the organization's specific needs.

Technology Selection


EzData’s subject matter experts have over the years gained a very strong expertise in helping clients understand and identify the factors that need to be considered while making a selection on their enterprise systems. These services include partnering with the client in understanding their current business scenario and future growth path, challenges and competitive landscape and mapping these to the advantages, opportunities and trade-offs in the different enterprise systems and help the client make an informed and objective decision.