EZ Data

Database management


Our comprehensive management solutions team has experience with advanced technology and integration you need to manage increasingly large and complex databases. By assessing requirements, modelling new processes and applications, and providing a visualization of the relationships between business and technology, our team simplifies and accelerates the complex aspects of analyzing, designing and implementing applications and business processes.

Effective data management enables insight to support better decision making, leading to compliance with government regulations, reduced risks inherent with improved data quality, improved productivity and operational efficiency, improvements in customer satisfaction and increased enterprise agility, thus achieving high performance.

EzData's Database Management practice provides a structured, holistic approach that delivers offerings and assets to support our clients in managing their data. We structure data management & architecture into the following domains:

  • Data Governance—Human organization to manage and oversee data
  • Data Structure—Definition of data
  • Data Architecture—Storage, movement and retrieval of data
  • Master Data Management—Maintenance of consistent core data throughout an enterprise and with business partners
  • Metadata—Management of data definitions and information about data
  • Data Quality—Accuracy, completeness and legal compliance of data
  • Data Security—Protection of data and the authorization to use it