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Energy / Greentech industry


Traditional energy industry comprises companies primarily working with oil, gas, coal and consumable fuels. Greentech energy comprises of companies in the renewable energy generation such as solar, wind and clean fuels.

Energy conservation efforts are being increasingly viewed as a major function of the energy industry, as saving an amount of energy has almost identical economic benefits to generating that same amount of energy. This is compounded by the fact that the economics of delivering energy tend to be priced for capacity as opposed to average usage. Government regulations to internalize these externalities form an increasing part of doing business, and the trading of carbon credits and pollution credits on the free market may also result in energy saving and pollution control measures becoming even more important to energy companies.

Renewable and green energy technologies, particularly solar, wind, and clean fuels-are key to reducing the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and curtail global warming. We have deep experience in the solar industry having served multiple customers. Energy companies have a need for manufacturing, supply chain optimization, asset maintenance, field service, and project management. EzData can help energy companies manage their resources to reduce asset failures, reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset utilization, optimized work scheduling and lower asset maintenance costs.

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