EZ Data

Functional & Performance Testing

Ez Data

EzData has built great expertise on various testing techniques and leverages the test methodologies that it has developed to helps clients with functional and performance testing on their enterprise applications.

Our Performance Testing CoE strategy includes an umbrella of services like Load testing, Stress testing, Volume testing, and Scalability testing. Our performance optimization solutions leverage established processes and certified methodologies. Our performance testing lab processes, tools, and skills enable your applications to meet heavy user loads during peak times and thus ensure high uptime for your mission critical applications before you roll them out to production.

Our end to end testing experience provides several advantages. You can:

  • Build repeatable and reproducible test suites and test cases
  • Automate testing where applicable
  • Validate application scalability with rigorous performance tests
  • Pin point bottlenecks in application performance
  • Compare and measure performance test results
  • Minimize hardware for emulating user transactions
  • Diagnose and plan system, server and network capacities
  • Ensure system availability during production