EZ Data

Infrastructure Management

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

At EzData, we believe every business, regardless of size should have access to disaster recovery and business continuity services that are simple, affordable and easy to use. We are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative business continuity solutions that challenge the traditional industry barriers of scale, cost and complexity. We provide comprehensive, packaged recovery solutions, consulting services and testing options to businesses globally. Our mission is to keep you connected to your customers, vendors, employees and community - no matter what.

IT Optimization / Green IT

Stretch your IT budget, manage your existing IT infrastructure and meet the business demands of a changing marketplace. EzData’s commitment and success to IT Optimization / Green IT is achieved by optimizing our customers' IT infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility, and return on investment. With domain knowledge, industry expertise, proven methodologies and processes, EzData is able to deliver custom optimizing strategies and solutions that improve our customers' bottom line.

IT Security and Identity Management

EzData's focus is to ensure the success of our customers using our experience, innovation, dedication and technology expertise that sets us apart. Today's threats are growing increasingly complex and causing greater damage. EzData's proven methodology and technical specializations enable us to deliver the IT Security and Identity Management Solutions using proven vendor technologies that enable our customers provide the appropriate level of accesses to critical systems and infrastructure, being compliant with required security standards with little or no impact to end-user productivity.

Security and Identity Management Solutions include:

  • Security governance
  • Threat mitigation
  • Data security
  • Identity and access management
  • Physical security

We deliver proven security solutions and expertise quickly, consistently and globally to meet industry-specific customer requirements.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

EzData supports clients in the acquisition, implementation, and operation of communications networks, computer platforms, and operating systems to enhance connectivity across an organization and maximize the utility of applications to process and exchange information. Our services in this area include:

  • Global Connectivity and Data Centers - We deliver infrastructure solutions and consulting services to enable global data and voice connectivity through wireline, wireless, satellite, and other hybrid and integrated technologies. We offer capabilities such as communications system engineering, emergency and disaster communications, data center design and strategy, and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networking and transition to help plan, engineer, and support systems that facilitate business and mission operations.
  • Infrastructure Management and Performance Assurance - We offer a range of infrastructure transformation, implementation, and oversight capabilities and services for improved enterprise operations, network monitoring and visibility and cost management.
  • Network Service and Devices - From initial assessments to solutions design, we deliver a range of capabilities, such as collaboration, content management and communications strategy, network services, commercial off-the-shelf integration, mobility solutions, service management, customer care and help desk solutions, and systems engineering and integration.

Enterprise Systems management


EzData’s Enterprise Systems Management services can help organizations dramatically improve their ability to organize, integrate and analyze a wide range of financial, operational, competitor and marketplace information to deliver sustainable high performance.

Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) provides a coordinated set of monitoring tools that work all the way up the protocol stack, from network connectivity and operating systems to complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suites, and provide a common repository for Operation and Performance monitoring at all levels. At the highest layer, ESM tools attempt to model and monitor business systems and practices so that the overall health of a system or application (e.g. Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance) can be determined. When problems occur, drill-down tools permit recursive querying of the supporting components to identify underlying causes.