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Just like any other system, performance tuning on your enterprise systems is an integral part of maintaining the system to deliver top performance. Efficient and fast system performance is crucial for your enterprise to successfully conduct business operations and to avoid unnecessary system upgrades.

  • System Performance Tuning - EzData provides System Performance Tuning across your entire environment from end-user business flows to operating system parameters to help ensure a fast, efficient and scalable system.
  • Measurable Targets and Improvements - With EzData’s Performance Tuning methodology, our first step is to carefully identify the key business processes and individual components and the necessary performance metric targets.  Establishing a baseline in terms of response times or job completion times will serve to as a key reference point in which to identify both targets and evaluate intermediate and final results.
  • End-to-end System Performance Tuning - Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, any component in the Enterprise ecosystem can be an inadvertent bottleneck. Irrespective of how good the performance is on other parts of the system, a single subsystem that is not designed or tuned to deliver optimal performance can slow down your entire system.

From a performance investigation standpoint, we focus on the following areas:

  • Inefficient Business Processes
  • Job Scheduling and Management
  • ERP application suites
  • Poorly written code that could potentially cause poor performance
  • Unapplied vendor system, performance patches
  • Database configuration (Oracle, SQL Server etc.)
  • Middle tier components
  • Operating system parameters and patching (Linux, HP-UX, Solaris)
  • Hardware (CPU, Memory, Storage, Network)

There are instances when a piece of code may perform well as a standalone module, but problems may manifest themselves as the number of users increases to tens or hundreds of thousands. Alternately the system may perform very well until it reaches its threshold limit from a number of users, number of transactions or storage capacity, but would drastically slow down beyond that point. EzData's Subject Matter Experts would be able to analyze, recommend and implement an appropriate solution to fix these issues.

Fast, Efficient and Scalable Custom Code

Using industry leading coding standards we can advise your developers on the best way to write fast, efficient and scalable custom code or customization layers on top of an existing system. Our own offshore and onsite development teams follow the same standards when we deliver custom code to our clients.

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