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Agility and flexibility play an indispensable role in ensuring the readiness and responsiveness of today's military forces. Yet the sheer complexity of pulling together all the elements needed to plan and deploy forces - whether at the single service, multiservice, or multinational level can undermine these traits and threaten military readiness.

This complexity becomes more complicated due to lack of visibility into the availability and readiness status of individual personnel, equipment, supplies, and resources, preventing you from identifying and utilizing the right forces to support each deployment effectively, limited flexibility in planning, deploying, and supporting operations, disconnected planning and execution efforts leading to poor collaboration, fractionalized, vertically oriented information systems that create silos of information and impede decision making, reliance on manual and custom coded solutions that not only may not scale horizontally but also result in costly and inefficient planning and operations processes.

EzData partners with relevant agencies to help them harness the power of the latest Information and Communication technologies to transform themselves and align their services with the changing needs of citizens and stakeholders. In addition we also work with the agencies in helping them implement GIS and GPS based solutions.

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