EZ Data

Life Sciences / Healthcare industry

EzData firmly believes that the people who work for you are behind every winning approach that leads to the success of your company. We strive to give your staff services and solutions that are familiar and easy to use, enabling them to work more efficiently, drive results, and give you the competitive edge. Through a combination of technology and industry partners, we create solutions and deliver services that streamline operations, provide up-to-date reporting and improve the customer experience.

The solution for the life services industry includes, for example, use of supply chain planning and execution of Tier 1 ERP Solutions to manage clinical supplies, deploying end to end supply chain planning and execution tools for an accurate forecast of the demand, supply plan, recoding of execution details, tracking the actual vs. plan, GMP Compliance and overall management of your supplies throughout your extended supply chain. Also other critical business processes including setting up your ERP solution to help manage you distribution and sales through external and 3rd party providers, to help manage your supplies through your contract manufacturing operations via a portal for entry at source, and upload of data, with a view to maintain visibility into inventory movements, schedule changes and impacts on upstream and downstream schedules are key to maintain your competitive edge.

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